CLM6000 substitute?

WeAreAs1 at WeAreAs1 at
Wed Dec 10 10:03:03 CET 1997

Henri Kovalainen asked:

<< Just a quickie question - has anyone tried to substitute a CLM6000 with a
H11F1 (or F3)? >>

I don't know about those other parts, but Clairex is back in business, and
they are now manufacturing an exact replacement for the CLM6000.  The new
part number is CLM600.  Here is contact info:

Clairex Technologies, Inc.
1845 Summit Avenue #403
Plano, Texas 75074 
(972) 422-4676
Fax (972) 423-8628  

They may also have a web site, but I don't know the URL.  (try

Good luck - Michael B.

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