PAiA modular update

Larry Hendry jlarryh at
Wed Dec 10 05:11:24 CET 1997

THANKS to everyone who responded with offers to help with the PAiA modular.
 I spoke to Scott at PAiA on the phone yesterday, and it appears they may
have all the documentation I need.  So, I will try them first as I discover
my needs and I will only trouble those who volunteered for stuff I cannot
otherwise get from PAiA.

Looks like my biggest problem may be finding replacement keys for the ones
UPS busted for me.  Scott says he will look but doubts they have anything. 
If anyone has a non-functional keyboard of this type thay would like to
sell for 2 keys (C and D on bottom end) , I am interested.  Of if anyone
has a PAiA keyboard and need parts, I might part with this one and just use
my MIDI2CV to drive this stuff.  I will worry about that when I get some of
it working.  :)

I did visit all the sites that were recommended and got lots of good
information.  Thanks to everyone for passing along links.  Although
synthesis is not new to me, modular is.  Anyone that has suggestions on
reading material (both print and FAQ) would be appreciated.  I am trying to
get semi-modular-smart before the MOTM stuff starts up.

I really enjoy reading from this group.  Hopefully someday I can add some
value with contributions.
Larry Hendry

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