Fatman-Problem: MicroController not working

Mark Pulver mpulver at midiwall.com
Mon Dec 8 17:29:18 CET 1997

Heiko Bajus (04:04 PM 12/8/97) wrote:

>>On Mon, 08 Dec 1997 00:41:45 +0100, Heiko Bajus
>><uhb17 at rzserv2.fh-lueneburg.de> wrote:
>>If the MPU chip worked in the midi2cv8, then it's ok.  I would suspect
>>the Eprom.  Since mine worked from day 1, I never scoped out the MPU.
>>I couldn't have anyway since my scope is audio only (460khz
>>bandwidth), but I'd guess if that part of the circuit is the same,
>>then the code probably toggles these ouputs.
>>Does the MIDI light illuminate when you hit a key on the MIDI
>>keyboard?  Does the Gate LED go on?
>The MIDI LED lights when MIDI Messages arrive, but the Gate LED remains dark.

Are you SURE that you have the MIDI channel set right?

On my Fatman, if I remember, the physical numbering on the switch was
backwards from the example setups in the manual. The physical positions
shown in the manual are right.

The easiest thing to do is to set the MIDI channel on the FM to anything,
and then try all channels from your controller, one at a time.

>Could it be that the the Firmware file contained any errors?

No; not if the MIDI light is blinking. I think the MIDI LED is driven
through the firmware.

Check the MIDI channel...  You're REALLY close!

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