REQ: Info on PAiA modular

Larry Hendry jlarryh at
Sat Dec 6 00:47:17 CET 1997

I just purchased some PAiA modular equipment that is apparently in
non-working order.
Here's what I got:
8782 three oct. k/b which UPS was kind enough to bust two key on
4720 VCO x 3
4730 VCF x 2
4771 & 2720 power supplies
4712 reverb
8780 DA converter (for k/b)
8781 QuAsh
no number LFO + noise
4710 balanced modulator
4711 mixer
4761 wing X 2
The first obvious reason for not working is that the positive leg of the
power supply appears dead.  I plan to dig into that after I get permission
of the fellow who sold it to me supposedly in working order.  It may go
back to him if there is much more wrong that the PS.

Does anyone know of an archive where I might find some information about
this equipment.  I wrote PAiA of course.  They have not yet returned by
mail. But, the last two mails I sent to paia at concerning other
matters have not been answered. So, I thought I might find some info here. 

I am hoping when I get the power supply up and running I will find some
other stuff working.  Any information about where to look for information
would be appreciated.  Any other owners of this equipment or similar who
wish to share tips and war stories would also be appreciated.

I am hoping to learn more about modulars with this PAiA, so when Paul
starts delivery of MOTM, I will be ready for mine.

I don't post often, but I read almost everyday and enjoy most of the
discussion and good information from this group.

Larry Hendry
Tech, turned high voltage electrician 21 years ago.
Yes, even we let the smoke out occasionally.

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