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Fri Dec 5 09:41:55 CET 1997

>There are problems.
>I have my CS-50 connected to the mixer with its unsymmetrical output.
>(10m cable length).
>When I also connect the JH-3 Modular's Sample and Hold output
>to the CS-50's external (modulation) input, I can choose between two
>With the shield connected, I get a severe ground loop and HUM.
>Without the shield connected, the Sample and Hold bleeds ito the
>Mixer over the shared GND connection.
>No Idea how to cure this without going balanced ...

How is the JH-3 and CS-50 grounded??  Perhaps there is a ground coonection
you can break that you have overlooked.  Have you tried snipping the shield
on the cable from the CS-50??

A useful thing to have around is a an isolation transformer in a "barrel
adapter" (remember those metal tubes Switchcraft use to sell??) that goes
from 1/4" TS to XLR.  You lose a bit of gain, but I used one to reduce hum
from my Mini-Moog and it worked fine.

There are few ground loop problems that cant be solved with a transformer,
a 3-prong adapter, or a pair of dykes.


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