Gina, noise reduction (was: RE: AW: To earth, or not to earth...)

Dave Kurz dave at
Thu Dec 4 19:08:40 CET 1997

I've been looking for a PCI card to tide me over
until the Layla finally comes out and I can afford
one (hard to say which will happen first :>) )
Looks like this card might be it!
Dave Kurz, Dave at

> I've got the Ensoniq AudioPCI (actually Shuttle Spacewalker HOT-255). 
> This is not quite over 90 dB snr sound card, but it seems to be possible
> modify the card to use other ADC and DAC. I'm going to try Crystal's
> CS4222 codec, CS4330 & CS5330 could do as well (if anybody happens
> to know where to get these please tell me). With two EAPCI's synced
> together and with the new drivers coming soon it's possible to get 
> 4 inputs and 8 outputs for under $100 (AudioPCI is $44 at 

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