Gina, noise reduction

Joachim Verghese jocke at
Thu Dec 4 18:15:26 CET 1997

Mikko wrote:

> I've got the Ensoniq AudioPCI (actually Shuttle Spacewalker HOT-255).
> This is not quite over 90 dB snr sound card, but it seems to be
> possible to modify the card to use other ADC and DAC.

$44?? That's incredible value for money for a 90dB-snr sound card.

I've been using an Event Gina card for some time now, and I must say
that it is surprisingly quiet. The designers have paid a lot of
attention to grounding and shielding through the multilayer board,
it seems. Remember, the inside of a PC is full of broad-band RF
fields, and you still have to keep SCSI cables and other noise sources
off the board for best performance.

> I'm going to try Crystal's CS4222 codec, CS4330 & CS5330 could do as
> well (if anybody happens to know where to get these please tell me).

Have you tried Integrated Electronics (Crystal's Finnish agents)?


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