Gina, noise reduction (was: RE: AW: To earth, or not to earth ...)

Larry Kirn lkirn at
Thu Dec 4 18:19:48 CET 1997

Fraser, Colin J wrote:
> I believe Maplin have the SSM Hush chips - I hadn't given them much thought, but 26 db sounds like a very effective system ! Anyone have any experience with these, or know what the best case output snr is ? If it can take a signal with noise at about -70db, and lower that to -96db it would cover a multitude of sins...
This approach sounds very much like the old DNR noise reducers - a VCLP
filter, which I've used quite a bit.  On material with bass content,
it's much less obtrusive than companders, but still does nasty things to
solo triangles.  IMHO, there's still no 'magic' noise reducer.  As a
coincidence, I just bought one of the Ensoniq cards this week - I'll be
interested to see how it performs in the real-life PC 'jungle'!  


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