AW: To earth, or not to earth...

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Thu Dec 4 09:59:57 CET 1997

In practice, wouldn't virtually all sounds coming out of a modular be
running thru' a vca, and typically arriving at the vca at a high enough
level to avoid noise pickup?
In the case of my diy modular, I run audio at 10v p-p and cv's at 0-10v.
Not much problem with noise there, but there is certainly some noise
picked up between the vca and desk. I think I'll be putting XLRs on the
final outputs sometime soon, and maybe I'll look for some lower noise
Anyone have a schematic for a vca with 120db snr ?

BTW I use banana plugs, and a star earth layout - my modular is the
quitest analogue I've heard.

Colin f

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> I do agree that a modular with balanced lines for all patchpoints is a
> luxury, but there is a hell of a good chance that it is much more
> quite than any other around!
> Cheers,
> Magnus

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