The DIY Toolkit

Paul Perry pfperry at
Thu Dec 4 00:47:43 CET 1997

At 12:13 PM 3/12/97 -0500, Chad Gould wrote:
>Actually, here's a question. I'm putting together a better-quality
>toolkit for DIY electronics 
>- Drill, with bits for drilling aluminum and acrylic (for plexiglass
>synths. (: ). Dunno what size to get.

A stepped drill bit is a good thing if you want to put holes up to 5/8"
or so in panels, not terribly cheap but they last quite a while (don't
forget to use some cutting fluid!). stepped drills are great for modding...
swiss cheese anyone?
My drill bit is VERMONT AMERICAN, I use a spray can lubricant called
'Cool Tool" (I am not making this up). 

paul perry melbourne australia

BTW if you are a cheapskate (and who on this list isn't?) at yardsales you
can find very good battery operated drills with nicad cells from yesteryear
that have died.... these are good on the bench with a plugpack (BIG ONE  or
DIY rectifier/power transformer) plus they are light with the old battery
ripped out.

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