AW: To earth, or not to earth...

Magnus Danielson magnus at
Wed Dec 3 10:51:22 CET 1997

>>>>> "PP" == Paul Perry <pfperry at> writes:

 PP> This balanced/unbaslanced thing might be a bit Quixotic...
 PP> after all, there is a hell of a lot of modular stuff out there
 PP> produced over the years and I havn't noticed any of it suffering
 PP> from hum pickup or crosstalk to any degree (OK the switch matrix
 PP> on the ARP2500 does, but that is a different thing). Most of this
 PP> gear has suffers more from IC noise  in my experience...
 PP> Which makes me think that just using commercially tried construction 
 PP> methods and layout might be all that is needed, or worth doing.

Not too uncommon is that the cursuit surrounding an op-amp (or
transistor for that matter) is not even closely addapted to create
lowest over all noise from the cursuit. How common isn't it to see
just a lot of 1k and 10k resistors sitting there?

Many designers still have to learn from the EMC people. Sitting down
with a near-field probe makes you think on how you design stuff.
Where things comes out it also comes in...


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