Calling all Digisound owners

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Wed Dec 3 18:44:53 CET 1997

Hello list members,

I'm currently embarked on a project to complete the building of my 
Digisound-based modular synth.  To that end, I've been trying to acquire PCB 
foil patterns for all the various modules with a view to getting the 
necessary PCBs made up.  This I have managed to do with a fair degree of 
success - however, I have run up against a brick wall on several of the 
later modules and variants, namely:

80-7 VC State Variable Filter  (CEM version)
80-11     Dual Ring Modulator  (LM1496 version)
80-16     Dual Resonant Filter
80-19     Dual VCLFO
80-22     Patcher  (two boards)
80-C9     Voice Card  (double sided board)

and was wondering if anybody out there could help.

In an ideal world I'm looking for *.bmp or *.gif files for these but there 
are alternatives.  For example, if anyone has a photocopy of any of these 
foil patterns or could acquire a photocopy of the foil side of an actual PCB 
(made up or not doesn't matter) I would be able to get them scanned.  I have 
been able to do this with all the others I have acquired and cleaned them up 
to produce usable foil patterns and resulting PCBs.

So, if anybody out there has access to these modules (or has a friend who 
has access to them) I would be most grateful for your help in this matter.

Cheers for now

Dave Peachey
david.peachey at

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