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Paolo Predonzani predo at dist.dist.unige.it
Mon Sep 30 14:56:22 CEST 1996

> Seconded!  I'm very interested in the techniques you used to introduce
> the non-linearity into the analysis.  Probably I don't have the
> background to understand it, though -- is there a text or review
> article that could get me up to speed?  I'd like to see any code or
> analysis that you feel is in a releasable state.  (For that matter,
> this sounds like publishable work.)
Sorry for my late reply.
The interesting books are:

R.W.Hamming,E.A.Feigenbaum,Introduction to applied numerical analysis,
 McGraw-Hill,1971 (numerical solutions for integration, differential
 equations, conditioning (= solution stability))

P.Antognetti,G.Massobrio,Semiconductor device modeling with SPICE,
 McGraw-Hill,1987 (diodes, BJTs, JFETs, IGFETs, how they work and how to
 model them)

Some technical documentation on SPICE's routines may be useful but I could
never find it. Source code is available somewhere.
These books are practical even if source code is not printed.

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>    Eli Brandt
>    eli+ at cs.cmu.edu

If you are at the cmu it shouldn't be difficult for you to find them.

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