Temperature control for transistors/crystals

Colin Fraser colinf at eimpc10.ei.csg.mot.com
Wed Sep 25 12:04:48 CEST 1996

On Sep 25, 11:28am, Rick Jansen wrote:
> Subject: Temperature control for transistors/crystals
> This month's Elektuur (Dutch Elektor) magazine has a temperature
> stabilization circuit for crystals, which we could use very well 
> to keep dual transistors in VCO's temperature stable.

> The only multi-sourced transistor array I know is the 3046/3086,
> which has 5 transistors, but the transistors in there are not the 
> best for exp purposes. 

I can get hold of an Elantec produced 4 transistor array containing closely 
matched 2n3904 type transistors.
Maybe this would be suitable..?


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