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Eli Brandt eli at ux3.sp.cs.cmu.edu
Sat Sep 21 05:03:33 CEST 1996

Juergen Haible wrote:
> Now for me, my main quest is to *understand* what exactly happens
> in the original analogue circuits, so this stuff about large signal
> analysis is very interesting to me - can't hear enough of it!

Seconded!  I'm very interested in the techniques you used to introduce
the non-linearity into the analysis.  Probably I don't have the
background to understand it, though -- is there a text or review
article that could get me up to speed?  I'd like to see any code or
analysis that you feel is in a releasable state.  (For that matter,
this sounds like publishable work.)

If 22k runs at 4:1 on a 486/66, the model at 44k should run in real
time on a p5/133 with about a 50 percent margin.  That should be
enough margin to do three oscillators and an envelope: a MiniMoog on
your average new PC.  So, how does this thing sound?

   Eli Brandt
   eli+ at cs.cmu.edu

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