talked to Mr. Doepfer ...

Haible_Juergen#Tel2743 HJ2743 at
Fri Sep 20 21:55:00 CEST 1996

I saw there was some response to my posting
about this KEYs article with technical misinformation,
where they claim to quote Mr. Doepfer.
I had a nice talk to Mr. Doepfer on the phone this morning,
and he seemed to be quite upset to be misquoted
in such way. He told me he had never made these statements
as they are printed in the magazine. They only asked him to
send him the two schematics (minimoog and tb303), and
he admits that he has said something like "its almost the same thing"
in a hurry, but it was never been intended as an article where
he would occur as an "expert" about the 303 filter.
He told me that he had done Spice simulations of the moog filter,
and of course he knows about component selection and
everything that is important to build a moog cascade into its
products, but he never cared much about the 303-cascade
or other diode ladder filters.
He also said, the first time he knew of this article "of his" was
when he received the printed KEYs issue. And the photo of him
that was in the article must be "10 years old at least".

I felt I had to tell you this.
( And I am sorry that my first posting has started the old filter discussion
again: This is really not necessary; it's all in the synth-DIY archives.)


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