Interesting Paper available on Moog VCF

Sean Costello costello at
Tue Sep 17 00:03:35 CEST 1996

Hi all,

Just found an interesting paper residing in the depths of the CCRMA web site
at Stanford (my old alma mater), "Analyzing the Moog VCF with Considerations
for Digital Implementation."  Haven't had the time to do anything beyond
skimming yet, but it looks quite interesting; pretty pictures.  It is in a
similar vein to Hutchin's VCF analysis in Electronotes #41 (and the Musical
Engineer's Handbook).

Check it out at

I do find it strange that all of this work has been put into making a very
powerful DSP system emulate a circuit that can be built with about $2 in
parts. Oh well, I guess they have to use those NeXT cubes for something. :)



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