Transistor arrays

Magnus Danielson magda at
Mon Sep 16 02:31:41 CEST 1996

Hi Kevin!

While digging trougth some old mails (about 3000 before current countervalue) 
I found your question, so just in case noone answered here it is:

> Does anyone know the exact differences between LM/CA 3046 and 3086's???
> Also, SG3821's?
> They all have the same pin out and architecture (5 NPN's) and I've often
> substituted 3046's with '86's with good results in 2600's, Moogs, etc.
> It seems VCO's are a bit more stable with the '86's, though in sine wave
> shapers, I can't see much improvement.

While looking in my Harris databook I could hardly find any major diffrence
between the two... they seems so similar that you migt miss the point.. the
CA3046 is matched, the CA3086 ain't. Other than there is no diffrence...


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