analog drum theory?

Tomy Hudson wizrad at
Fri Sep 6 01:36:32 CEST 1996

DJMaytag wrote:
> i've been wondering about making up some simple analog drum circuits 

There are quite a few good articles in Polyphony. In particular,
the Oct '83 issue has an article by Craig Anderton, "Build The Hip
Bass Drum". This is on my to-build list. The design uses a single
op-amp and has a lot of control to go from slap to thud. Thomas
Henry gave it a good review.

The Aug '84 issue has a Thomas Henry article "The High-Hat and
Percussive voice"

And the Sep/Oct '82 issue has another Thomas Henry article "The Snare
+ Drum Voice".

PAiA still sells back issues.

The Thomas Henry book mentioned in a previous post would probably be
the end-all of the subject. As you can see from his articles, he was
in to this a long time ago, he's probably massed quite a collection
of circuits.


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