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Wed Sep 4 21:24:00 CEST 1996

Gene wrote:

>     I did just now take a look into my own (personal) email archives, back 

>     to about a year ago, and I did find the discussions warning against 
>     dealings with Electronotes. Perhaps we were too quick to judge?

First I have to say that I am also happy that Bernie Hutchkins has 
I did express this in a letter to him, and I am also willing to pay him for 
PCC, if he insists, although this means that I will pay for it twice. (The 
copy shop
did not copy it for free! I think I have payed at least as much as if I 
could (!)
have bought it from Bernie Hutchkins !!)
So, again, I am really happy, and willing to pay for the PCC a second time,
BUT I still believe that what we have done was the only thing we could.

Bernie Hutchkins wrote:

> Most of these have
> expressed the opinion that we give bad service, do not respond to requests
> for information, and in perhaps one case, cashed a check and did not send
> any material.  What is the basis of these ideas?
> Well, it's certainly not first hand.  Of the seven people I have in mind,
> only one requested information.

Well, in my case it *is* first hand. I sent a letter (not just a FAX or 
email ...),
asking for an offer for several parts of EN, and was never ever answered.
Can't speak for others - this is *my* first-hand experience.

JJS wrote:

>      Barry suggests that everybody who has received the PCC give montetary 

>     credit to Hutchins where credit is due and send in $15.
>     I say "yeah" but respond in kind with the same kind of treatment that
>     Bernie Hutchins has given us.  This means, wait maybe 15 months to
>     send in the money.  Send $6 then, maybe $3 four months later and
>     possibly don't even send in the balance, ever.  If he asks for the
>     balance, just ignore him; he can ask again later.  When he does,
>     ignore him again.

(;->) (;->) (;->)
No, we wouldn't do this, would we? Anyway, I laughed a lot! I hope Bernie
Hutchkins can also laugh with us now. As others said, we owe him a lot
for the great work he has done in the past.



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