X-Y Pedals

Sean Costello costello at costello.seanet.com
Fri Sep 20 23:24:48 CEST 1996

Hi everybody,

Does anyone know anything about X-Y pedals?  I'm looking to construct a
control voltage pedal that works along two axes; moving the pedal up and
down (like a wah or volume pedal) would produce one control voltage, while
the second would be produced by the side-to-side motion of the pedal.  Are
there any commercial sources for such a pedal, either just the casing or
perhaps a commercial effect that can be gutted?  

For that matter, does anyone know of a source for wah or volume pedal
casings?  I've managed to buy a few broken wah pedals, but they are very
difficult to find.  I'd like to build a filter box for my guitar with
several inputs for control voltages (to control filter cutoff, LFO speed and
depth, and self-modulation amount); the more pedals I can find, the merrier.
Having an X-Y pedal would allow me to control two parameters at the same
time with one foot, while using the other foot to, say, stand.




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