Synth-diy (was: Interesting Paper available on Moog VCF)

Rick Jansen sscprick at
Wed Sep 18 21:09:48 CEST 1996

> > (The list is analog-only?  Maybe this should move to electronica.)
> Hmmm... good question.  I thought that the diy in synth-diy stood for do
> it yourself.  Unless there's a charter that specifically limits our
> topics of interest to analog, I see nothing in the list name to indicate
> that digital do it yourself projects are out of bounds.  (Bernie would
> approve of us including digital topics!)  Comments/opinions?

Synth-diy is open to all discussions on synthesizer/music electronics.
Unfortunately digital synthesizer electronics tend to go beyond 
diy-electronics, but there is no problem in discussing digital here. It
may even attract Mr. Hutchins to synth-diy :)

The name synth-diy was made up in just a few minutes without giving it
much thought really, 'analogue' was already taken, and would exclude
digital, 'modular' did not cover what I intended, 'diy' seemed proper
at the time.

Rick Jansen
rick at
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