New Electronotes Order Arrival

Bob Zimmer bzimmer at
Tue Sep 17 19:12:06 CEST 1996

At 01:24 PM 9/11/96 PDT, you wrote:
>     Hi DIY list,
>     I have received the first portion of my recent order of the complete 
>     set of Electronotes, from Bernie Hutchins. The cover sheet explains 
>     that large orders (such as this one) will be broken up into a couple 
>     different shipments and to expect them a few days apart.
>     The shipment I received appears to be the most recent materials, so 
>     I'll be reading alot in the near future.
>     Just thought I'd drop a note to the list...
>     - Gene
>     gstopp at

I'd also like to say that Bernie has been shipping my order.  I received a
second package from him last night and now have two 3" binders and one 1.5"
binder full of Electronotes Issues.  I'm not sure, but I think that is about
half of what I've ordered.  So far so good! :^)

To any of you that may want your own copies, this may be a good time to
place orders with Bernie.  He is being very prompt with shipments as I think
I received my first package before the check even had a chance to clear!

BTY, what a blast from the past!  I saw my name mentioned as a new
subscriber on the cover of issue 43!  I had subscribed during my college
days, but never had the money to build much and eventually had given away my
old issues.  P.S. - I beat Bob Moog by one issue.  He is listed on issue 44!

Bob Zimmer

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