Interesting Paper available on Moog VCF

Thierry Rochebois thierry.rochebois at
Tue Sep 17 12:06:10 CEST 1996

>I do find it strange that all of this work has been put into making a very
>powerful DSP system emulate a circuit that can be built with about $2 in
>parts. Oh well, I guess they have to use those NeXT cubes for something. :)

Well, when you know that the Clavia NordLead uses a Motorola 56002 DSP and
that this machine is polyphonic... and is very expensive when you compare
its price to the price of the DSP (about $30-$40). As far as I know, the price
for a DSP56002 evaluation board is about $200... If you can implement good
simulations of Moog Filters and others, it is not as stupid as it seems at first

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