Transistor arrays

Kevin Lightner majmoog at
Mon Sep 16 01:49:30 CEST 1996

>Hi Kevin!
>While digging trougth some old mails (about 3000 before current countervalue)
>I found your question, so just in case noone answered here it is:
>> Does anyone know the exact differences between LM/CA 3046 and 3086's???
>> Also, SG3821's?
>> They all have the same pin out and architecture (5 NPN's) and I've often
>> substituted 3046's with '86's with good results in 2600's, Moogs, etc.
>> It seems VCO's are a bit more stable with the '86's, though in sine wave
>> shapers, I can't see much improvement.
>While looking in my Harris databook I could hardly find any major diffrence
>between the two... they seems so similar that you might miss the point.. the
>CA3046 is matched, the CA3086 ain't. Other than there is no diffrence...


Still, along that criteria I'm confused.
Most of the techs I know use 86's as an upgrade for a 46.

This would appear to be the opposite of what is desired, although it may
make zilch difference after actually adjusting trimmers.

In fact, I've found that Oberheim SEM's are a bit more stable with 86's,
than a Moog 921 with 46's.

So confused....!! :)

 I could see how a sine shaper might be better with it though, as far as
bipolar symetricallness goes.

Maybe I should make a VCO jig that has both arrays and do a temperature vs
freq graph or something for each.

Probably not enough difference to warrant that though.

Thanks for checking this out!


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