Another CS-50 question, and specs !

Haible_Juergen#Tel2743 HJ2743 at
Sat Sep 14 00:25:00 CEST 1996

Sorry for bringing up the CS-50 thread again, but I have
another question (and maybe more to follow):

When I have Sustain 2 switched on, the portamento and
glissando work as they should.
In Sustain 1 mode, however, there is *always* a short
prtamento between notes, regardless of the portamento
slider setting. Is this a general bug, or is it just mine that
does this?

BTW, for those who asked for specs:
Think of it as a 4-voice/4octave version of the CS-60,
without the pitch ribbon (and chorus?).

In short:
(sorry if the terminology doesn't correspond exactly
to the front panel labels - don't have the beast before
me as I type ... hope I don't forget a feature ...)

1VCO/Voice, with three mixable waveforms:
  Pulse (with dedicated sine shape PWM LFO),
  Saw and
  Sine (continuously mixable *after* the VCF,
      to enhance the fundamental when you do BP
2 VCF/Voice (in series):
   HP with Frequency and Resonance slider,
   LP with Frequency and Resonance slider.
2 Envelopes/Voice
   VCA-ENV is ADSR type,
   VCF_ENF is also ADSR shape, but with different
      controls than usual: Instead of A, D, S, R and Amount
      you have Sustain level = zero Volt, and determine the
      amount by a (negative) Initial Value and a (positive)
      Peak Value. Weird, but not bad. Envelope works
      on both, HP and LP at the same time.
VCA: here you can mix in the Sine wave. You can also set
   the VCA level, up to a nice overdrive.

Ringmodulator: Has its own AD envelope for frequency of
  modulating VCO. Frequency goes from LFO up to the
  middle audio range. Levers for Attack, Decay, LFO frequency,
  LFO-FM amount (from AD), Mix between dry and ringmodulated.
  Levers are extremely handy to use (what sliders should be,
  but never ever are ...). Instant "Vangelis" effects at your fingertips ...

Levers for Brilliance and Resonance. Change the initial settings
  of the panel (see above) and the presets, in a way that it
  works on both HP and LP Frequency and Resonance . But
  it doesn't just add - there is a total maximum, so if you have
  lower settings on the panel or preset, effect of the levers is larger.

Preset buttons: Imaginative names that don't hold what they promise;
  nevertheless very useful for further processing with Levers ...

Aftertouch. Best Aftertouch I have seen on any synth. Comes really
  soon, and has a large usable range. Can work on:
  VCA level: Drive that VCA into distortion with aftertouch! Or just 
     the volume ...
  Brilliance: Works on VCF frequencies
  LFO Mod for VCF
  LFO Mod for VCO

Main LFO: Sine, Saw up, Saw down, Noise, External (!) ...
Portamento, Glissando (semitone steps ...)
Sustain 1 / 2 switch: Sustain 2 is phantastic for solo lines with random
  chords thrown in - hard to describe!
Sustain: (actually Release time ...) another slider that also works on
  the presets.

BTW, "Presets" are just predefined rough material. If you change
Brilliance, Resonance and Sustain, a "Flute" is not at all a boring
flute anymore ...

And I just forgot: The pitch bend "ring" around the fine tune knob
lets the Roland Stick look like a luxury pitch bender (;->).

Corrections / Additions are welcome. This was just from a first
touch with my new instrument, so errors are likely. Hope you
enjoyed it nevertheless. Maye with some corrections you could
put it to Music Machines.


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