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     These days the analog scopes are pretty much sitting on the shelves in 
     the lab. If you want to troubleshoot a high-speed uP-based embedded 
     system you can't really use an analog scope - the trace just gets too 
     dim, and the trigger goes by too fast. To track down digital timing 
     problems, once you use a digitizing scope you won't go back. The 
     analog scopes are good for the audio stuff, or for looking for power 
     supply problems, but that's about it.
     I guess what with everything going digital, the demand for analog 
     scopes has diminished. Hand me an Ethernet bridge and tell me to fix 
     it, and I'll suck up to the nearest 16-channel 500 Msample color HP in 
     a heartbeat. But for a busted Minimoog I'd probably prefer a beat-up 
     10 Meg Heathkit with a dim trace.
     So I guess in the future we'll be able to look at analog signals with 
     physical-modelled analog scopes, right?
     - Gene

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Subject: Is this thing the coolest
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One real bummer is that Tektronix will only be making digital scopes 
in the near future.  It seems that making the CRT's is difficult due 
to some kind of environmental hazards etc.  They apparently
let go most of their analog guys and had to bring some of them back
to do work on the 2467, a high intensity scope.  That scope shows things 
that just can't be shown with their current line of scopes - even with 
their "Insta-view" feature.  I did do things with Insta-view that their 
product manager and sales guy didn't know could be done, to try and 
simulate what we do with the 2467, but still, if in 5 years from now 
someone were to come out with a 2467 clone it would be regarded as 
revolutionary.  What short sightedness!  God, just make the CRT's in India 
or Russia, or make the whole darn thing over there - don't just give up!
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