CS-50 !!

Rocky Mullin caliban at organic.com
Tue Sep 10 11:34:48 CEST 1996

	weird blinking lights has a cs-60 in our analog aresenal,
	as well as a cs-10.  both fine, fine, amazing synths.

	btw, got the sbk-80 syncing both the old roland gear as well 
	as the r8mkII and the other midi stuff tonight.  just took 
	a little hacking, as well as some manual reading.  it's like,
	in the end, to have the r8 be the master and the rest be the
	slaves, but we'll see if that is possible.  does not look all
	that promising from this angle, however.

On Tue, 10 Sep 1996, Haible_Juergen#Tel2743 wrote:

> Hi!
> Played a CS-50 for the first time yesterday - what a wonderful
> instrument!
> When I came into the store, I first thought it was a CS-60, unti II found 
> that
> there was no hinged lid with presets, and no ribbon. Nevertheless
> I decided to give it a try, and man, I couldn't let go for a whole hour!
> How can a 1-VCO / 4-Voice polysynth sound so lush, and that without
> a chorus section !!
> Ok, it was quite out of tune, so I can't say how fat it sounds when
> tuned. But I think most of its richness comes from the LFO's, especially
> from the PWM section. Now what's so different with the PWM?
> I think the SINE shape of the modulation is the trick! I found that you
> can set a much higher modulation amount and rate before it becomes
> annoying. I tried it at home on the OB-8 (which has, like most synths,
> triangle instead of sine), and I didn't get the same effect. Then I tried
> it on the Modular, and voila !
> I was very fond of this little synth, but I think if I ever buy one, a CS-60
> would be my choice.
> A few questions to CS-synthesizer owners:
> (1) I liked the feature "Sustain II" on the CS-50, which allows pseudo-
>       monophonic playing. Does this work on the CS-60 and -80 as well?
> (2) The filters seem to be a cascade of 2-poles. Has anybody yet figured
>       out what architecture they have? They don't sound like state variables
>       to me ....
> (3) What shape does the Ring Modulator AD-envelope have? The schematics
>       (of the CS-80) show linear slopes, but then again the VCF/VCA 
> envelopes
>       are also printed wrong, so I can't be sure.
> (4) - related to (3) - the Ring Modulator VCO, is it exponential or linear?
>      (I know the main VCOs are linear)
> Thanks in advance for any information !
> JH.
> PS.: I make a crosspost to DIY, because of the technical questions.

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