Is this thing the coolest, or what?

Don Tillman don at
Tue Sep 10 08:45:09 CEST 1996

   Date: Mon, 09 Sep 1996 08:56:21 -0500
   From: Mark Pulver <mpulver at>

   >Anybody tried out the new Tek 'scope yet that came out about a week

   I'm curious Don... I'm completely naive in this, and have never used one,
   but I would think that an LCD based 'scope would be quite ugly... Wouldn't
   you get a lot of trails, especially if the LCD get's busy, like watching a
   pair of fairly complex waveforms?

Passive LCD displays are like that.  The active LCD display on my Mac
Powerbook (a seperate transistor driver for each pixel, or so I'm lead
to believe) is fast as all hell, with none of of those annoying vapor

But you bring up a important point; I've not actually seen this scope
yet and this is a good thing to consider.

   Date: Tue, 10 Sep 1996 05:20:29 +0200
   From: Magnus Danielson <e93_mda at>

   These portable LCD scopes are really usefull and certainly fill their 
   part of the market. You can't compare them with the real thing, but
   then it wouln't be fair to compare your portable Fluke with a
   desktop precision multimeter e ither.

Well the whole point of this particular 'scope is that it's *not* a
portable, it's a serious bench scope that happens to have an LCD
display.  How successful they are at this is still unknown.

  -- Don

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