AW: Re: Is this thing the coolest, or what?

Magnus Danielson e93_mda at
Tue Sep 10 05:20:29 CEST 1996

> >>Anybody tried out the new Tek 'scope yet that came about about a week
> >>ago?  Take a look:
> >
> >I'm curious Don... I'm completely naive in this, and have never used one,
> >but I would think that an LCD based 'scope would be quite ugly... Wouldn't
> >you get a lot of trails, especially if the LCD get's busy, like watching a
> >pair of fairly complex waveforms?
> I share your feelings, Mark, though I don't know how good LCDs really
> can be today, either.
> Surely the screen would not be updated with 60MHz (and surely 60 MHz
> would not be necessary) - but then again how often *is* the screen updated,
> and is this often enough to find tiny glitches? (I am sure there is a 
> *function*
> in there that litterally *finds* glitches for me, but that's not the same 
> ...)
> Am I just oldfashioned and superstitious, or *is* there some reason to
> keep my good old analogue one ??

A hint for you:

I have used an Tektronix oscillioscope with 16 channels of 2Gsamples/s that
have a color screen and a standard VGA outlet on the back in case you need a
bigger screen.... it also has a 3.5 inch floppy to store the waveforms at and
you can print them too.... oscillioscopes isn't what they used to be :)

Next keyword:


These portable LCD scopes are really usefull and certainly fill their part of
the market. You can't compare them with the real thing, but then it wouln't be
fair to compare your portable Fluke with a desktop precision multimeter either.
The LCD isn't really that big problem.


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