Is this thing the coolest, or what?

Christopher List Christopher_List at
Mon Sep 9 10:07:25 CEST 1996

> This thing seems completely bitchin'!  It's a digital 'scope with an
> LCD display, and unlike the handheld LCD 'scopettes, this one has a
> proper full-sized front panel.  And the 60MHz version is only $1K.
> And optionally it's got a serial port to make pretty web pages from
> scope traces.  And it's only a little over 4-inches deep.

...and to think I just upgraded my tempermental old Dumont for a tempermental 
old Tek-564 storage scope that weighs about 50lbs and is 24" deep! 

Well, the price was right :). 

Actually, any of you old-time EE types know anything about the 3A3 dual trace 
plug-in? Seems one of my channels is reading way in the negative zone (like off 
the screen). I tried swapping all the transistors between the two channels and 
it didn't help (they're plug-ins, transistors were a big deal back then!). I 
have all the schems but don't know enough about transistor circuits to be 
capable of figuring out the problem - I should probably just look for another 
used plug-in somewhere, but I figured I give a try here first. 
I figure,  maybe, by some miracle, someone has a long-standing personal 
relationship with the 3A3 plug-in and can give me a quick answer (ha). Then 
again, even if I get an answer, I've got those silver-soldered ceramic things 
to deal with - yikes what'd I get myself into!

- CList

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