Where can I buy 1 and 2 space rackmount chassis?

honcho at paia.com honcho at paia.com
Sat Sep 7 23:26:59 CEST 1996

>Those PAIA tin cans are crap (Sorry PAIA).
No offense taken, but let me at least point out that we don't have 
anything that we sell as a Rack Case. We have 1U and 2U blank panels 
and "backs" for folks who absolutely must have an enclosure for some 
of our "panels only" kits. Some people have put these two together to 
make a rack case despite our trying to talk the out of it (yes, we 
really do advise against a purchase if it's our feeling that there 
will be an unpleasant surprise for the purchaser). I don't like the 
result too much either.

I don't think your remark applies to cases for specific products, such 
as the TubeHead or the new Stereo Compressor, but I don't think you 
intended it to, either. Similarly, the Fractional Rack Packaging 
system (fracrak) is pretty good in my opinion - particularly 
considering the price of the alternatives.

My personal favorite for low cost Rack Cases is sescom. I wish there 
was some way to get into them without taking them completely apart.


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