Bernie himself defending himself

J.D. McEachin jdm at
Fri Sep 6 15:05:34 CEST 1996

I apologize to Rick for the lengthy email I posted earlier.  His cease 
and desist order and my flame passed each other when I hit "Check Mail".
Rick has not deleted me from the list, so please don't quit over this.

I know I was ruffling some feathers, given Mr. Hutchin's legendary 
status, but I felt that what I wrote needed to be said.  Apologies to 
those who were offended, and thanks to those who wrote supportive private 
emails.  Great thanks to those who supported me publicly.

Synth-diy has the highest signal/noise ratio of any maillist I'm on, and 
I'd like to keep it that way.  No more flames from me!  If anyone is 
interested in my response to Bernie's inevitable response, then privately 
email me.  Now, back to DIY.

On Fri, 6 Sep 1996, Paul D'Amato wrote:

> You know, I have been watching this shit for well over a week now and I have
> one pretty stupid (maybe) qustion to ask...WHAT THE FUCK IS PCC AND WHY HAS

PCC is the Preferred Circuits Collection.  It is a reprinting of the best 
schematics from ElectroNotes published prior to (I believe) 1983.  THink 
of it as ElectroNotes Lite.

ElectroNotes has much more on circuit theory, but also more filler, such 
as record reviews by Craig Anderton, humorous classifieds (Wanted: 
Electronic Percussion Circuits - Jim Mothersbaugh (circa 1976)), etc.

If you're really interested in electronic music circuits and want to know 
more about how to design and build them, ElectroNotes is an invaluable 
resource.  If you're just looking for a source of schematics to build a 
modular from, then PCC is a good introduction.  Remember, you can learn a 
lot about what goes into building a modular right here on synth-diy!

A complete set of ElectroNotes is pretty massive, and would probably cost 
$150-250 to copy at Kinko's, as well as costing time.  If Mr. Hutchins 
demonstrates himself to be responsive to orders, you should definitely 
consider ordering a set from him, as it is a hassle copying them yourself.


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