Bernie himself defending himself

Tomy Hudson wizrad at
Wed Sep 4 03:35:09 CEST 1996

Sorry guys, I seem to be email-impaired today. I accidentally posted
the full copy of Barry's original post, which I meant to send only to
Dan, to the entire list. Then I sent an apology meant for the list,
which I think may have only went to Dan?!

I just received the PCC. Yes I'm last in the list of "kreepy little 
guys" (or gal too, if I ever get a sex change). And yes I will send
$15 to BH. I'll even purchase the full package, if satisfied with
BH's responsiveness to Gene's order. 

I agree w/ Gene, "cooperation is the best way to behave in situations
where mutual trust may be in doubt." I've seen it proven in life as
well as in simulations. I should have relied on my own experience
rather than jump to conclusions.

I have a tendency to trust those I have respect for, and the quality
of postings and helpfulness of those of whom frequent synth-diy have
instilled such trust. I also get the impression most are professionals
who, like me, could make considerably more than $25 in the time required
to stand in front of a copier and pirate a copy of PCC at more "clever"

I build for the love of building, for the desire of increasing my
understanding, and the unmatched joy of tinkering w/ modulars.
BH is right that I could sit down with something like Csound and model
things my current modular (and lack of modules) could produce, and
sometimes I do (still haven't figured out how to model a frequency
shifter though). But after a day of programming for a living, the last
thing I want is to schedule my inspiration around another
"edit/compile/run" cycle.

I would hope that we could overcome our shakey start w/ BH. His
experience would be a wonderful addition to synth-diy. Perhaps our
love of building, experimentation, and modulars could rekindle
old loves in him,  if not of modulars, then perhaps of informing,
which from my cursory reading of PCC, he did quite well.

I don't want to "Stoke" the fire, excuse my lack of eloquence (I 
didn't figure out a way to meander through "Waterloo" :-).

Sorry for the soapbox.


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