Bernie himself defending himself

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     I consider myself to be a major contibutor to the proliferation of 
     "underground" Electronotes materials over the last year or so. 
     Therefore in the context of the current discussions on this topic I'd 
     like to apologize to Bernie Hutchins for participating in something 
     that he is opposed to. Fortunately (if at least for my own moral 
     sensibilities) I can safely say that a large percentage of the 
     Electronotes-related materials that I did distribute were faxed copies 
     of the 1995 price list and order form for Electronotes. Whether or not 
     these got used I cannot say.
     As things stand perhaps we can look at the optimistic side of things - 
     it may be that Electronotes has finally reached a level of awareness 
     on the Internet lists such that the appetites of many more synthesizer 
     builders than before have been whetted, and perhaps they want more. If 
     somebody is serious about building their own modular analog system, 
     then they really should pop for the $265 and get *the* definitive 
     collection of schematics, theory, and background information provided 
     by the package deal from Electronotes. Of particular interest to 
     analog synthesizer enthusiasts is the fact that at the time of the big 
     developments in synthesizer history, anything that took place pretty 
     much did so in the pages of Electronotes, and in the real world soon 
     after. If you're truly bitten by the modular analog bug, then $265 
     will be a minor expenditure in your adventures, believe me. Of course 
     there's a lot of digital theory and DSP discussions later on - 
     actually my collection stops at #134 so maybe I should act on that 
     Just a thought, but if you do want to recompense Bernie by sending in 
     the $15, you may want to just add a few bucks to that and actually buy 
     more materials.
     I did just now take a look into my own (personal) email archives, back 
     to about a year ago, and I did find the discussions warning against any 
     dealings with Electronotes. Perhaps we were too quick to judge?
     - Gene
     gstopp at
     p.s. also I'd like to say that it *is* possible to read Electronotes 
     over and over again, and teach yourself electronics, and then "grow 
     up" to be an EE.
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Subject: Bernie himself defending himself
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