Electronotes and Mr. Hutchins

Barry Bernard yrrab at well.com
Sun Sep 1 19:20:59 CEST 1996

   Recently have recieved some mail from Mr. Hutchins regarding the copying
of the Electronotes PCC. In my response, I explained that some people on
this list have written that they have had difficulty obtaining this
information from him and that that's these reason for this unauthorized
copying of his material. I volunteered to pay him for the information I've
recieved, even though I did not get it from him. He seemed to like this
suggestion and said that $15.00 seemed fair to him and that he'd like to
recieve that amount from the other people who'd recieved a copy of the PCC.
(The current price for the PCC through him is $25.00).
Since this material does belong to him, I believe that he deserves to be
compensated for it's distribution. It's not like this is some big
corporation ripping people off, it's just one guy providing information,
making copies. It would be really great if the people who have recieved the
PCC would voluntarily send $15.00 to Bernie Hutchins for the use of the
information. That would show that we are not a bunch of deadbeats trying to
rip him off but people who are simply interested in building analog who
very much want the information.
Bernie's messages may sound angry to people who have recieved them, and may
be putting people on the defensive. It is in my nature to try to make peace
whenever possible, and I do still think that it's possible in this
circumstance.      It would be a shame if there were a rift between the
online building community and Mr. Hutchins. I think we should try to work
this out somehow. In my response to Mr. Hutchins I suggested that he
subscribe to this list and communicate with the people here, if that was
true in the first place then this misunderstanding would have never come to
pass. I don't think that we should create an environment here on synth-diy
that makes that impossible.

  Here is the address and phone for Bernie Hutchins/Electronotes:

Bernie Hutchins
1 Pheasant Lane
Ithaca, NY 14850 USA

  I strongly suggest than anyone who has recieved the Electronotes PCC send
$15.00 to Mr. Hutchins for the use of the information which, after all DOES
belong to him. I wouldn't want him to have the wrong impression about the
dwellers of this corner of the net. $15.00 isn't much to ask considering the
utility of having this information.
   If I can, I'm going to order a new copy of Electronotes from Bernie (you
never know there could be something interesting that I'm missing). When/if
I get a copy from him, I report the successful transaction on this list.



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