Press n Peel PCB's

Tony Clark clark at
Thu Oct 31 19:11:39 CET 1996

   Funny that you should mention this.  Yesterday I was scrounging around 
the "bones" electronics room and ran across some of that stuff.  I don't 
know if it was from the same company or not.  Anyway, they were long 
metal strips with holes punched in them that you could press onto a flat 
surface and then solder to.
   The things I run across around here.  :)


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Tony Clark -- clark at

> just browsing thru the back of electronics NOW and came across this :
> Techniks Inc. Press n Peel for creating your own PCB etchings. I thought it
> was for labels at first, but its not. I thought I'd post it anyhow 

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