How can I make two-sided PCBs???/

Anders Sponton anders.sponton at
Wed Oct 2 11:20:17 CEST 1996

Erik wrote:
> I just took a look at Anders's ftp-page and down-loaded the sequencer file.
> Great work Anders! But now I have a question: how can I make two-sided
> PCBs??? (Instead of single ones!) Or is there some place where I can still
> order these PCBs??
> Thanks
> Erik

As you can see in the article, this stuff is from my teenager-days
(197X:s). Those PCB:s were sold by Practical Electronics themselves, and
I don´t think they are manufactured anymore. 
There was a company called Phonosonics back then, and they used to have
a alternative PCB for the projects in P.E.
I use a double sided light-source (UV) when I make my PCB:s. Really,
with pcb:s like those it´s very easy.
Have you tried any of the PCB CAD:s on the web?
I am using the Dutch-made UltiMate. It´s really good.
Anders, Sweden

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