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This is the first post that the oops post refered to, aparently it did not
make it to the list. I've made the correction in the text.

     I am wondering if anybody on the list can help me out. I'm looking for
schematics for the late rev. VCO card for the minimoog. This is the one w/
the UA 721 xistors in the exp converter. Also I have a lame Moog 905 Reverb
Module (circa 1969), It is all that remains of a IIc I had in the late 70's.
I think the spring input xducer is shot, but  
if anyone has the drawings it would be of some help. I have schematics for a
number of synths, (MOOG mini,micro,source,taurus II, ARP 2600,odyssey, KORG
PS 3300,3200 modulars, M1,O1W,SCI pro-one, P-5, T-8, ROLAND juno 106,d-50,
space echoes,various foot pedals, OBERHIEM OB-1. I'd be willing to swap

    I'm building a modular system based around 1 1/2 minimoogs One is a
complete mini that I have racked. I have brought out buffered patch points
from the various circuits to a patch bay. This has the late rev. VCO card.
The 1/2 mini is an early rev. VCO card (I did some repairs at a studio and
the owner gave me the remains of a mini that had been racked by Studio Elec.,
the chassis and VCO card were all that remained. I  made a 9 x15 panel for
the card and added individual cv ins to each vco.
I also added PW mod ins, fine tune pots on vco 2 & 3, and individual waveform
All I/O has standard buffered Imp.I found that I needed to place the +/- 10 v
right next to the card P/S V sense pins, I was getting very bad cross
modulation problems when the regs were not mounted near the v sense point.
The rest of the system is based around modules from EN and Polyphony

   For panel graphics I have been checking out these white adhesive sheets
that can be printed on w/ a laser printer. The B/W results are very good,
gray scale is getting better-thay supply a wetting agent that improves the
gray scale results. Color inkjet does not work, it runs.  anyone wanting more
info can write or phone the distributor at:

    Wanye Tytell
    159 Melrose Ave.
    Massapequa , NY 11758
    Voice Ph# 516-798-6902

 Well, thats all for now,

   BDermody at
   Brian Dermody
   Levittown , NY      

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