SH-1 raised from the dead

Matt Haines haines at
Wed Mar 27 04:31:17 CET 1996

Just thought I'd chortle and crow to the list at large here.

Remember that SH-1 I asked about a few weeks back? It was non-functional,
and my friend had given to me and said I could keep it if I could get it to
work. Well, last we left this story, I was getting +30v on the +15 side of
the PS, and 0v on GND and -15. There was also a tantalum cap removed from
the EG1 section, as my friend had diagnosed it as 'bad'. How he tested it,
I dunno.

So anyway, I remove the load from the PS to see if anything changed, and
sure enough, I got +30v and -30v!!! Yikes. On a whim, I brought in my
trusty PS that is destined to go in my modular someday (as soon as I get a
rack panel for it, then it will be one of two panels :), which is a +/-15v
beauty. I hooked it up place of the internal PS, and....sound!

Everything seems to be working except EG1, but that is explained by the
blown/removed cap probably. So I just got a free synth.

Before I attempted all this, I went down to Radio Shack and bought a) a
tantalum cap rated at 2.2MF, and an electrolytic rated at 4.7MF. I've also
got a 10MF sitting around. The one I'm replacing is a tantalum 4.7MF. So
which is the better one to use, the 'lytic with the right capacitance, or
the tant with a different value? Or should I hold out and get the right
one? Or am I not giving enough info? Basically, can you substitute 'lytics
and tantalums or is there a difference?

So anyway, I'm going to rackmount this thing. Why? It is TRASHED. Some
sliders need a hammer to move them. Screws are missing to hold the top
down. It's been painted grey. Most of the slikscreened text has been worn
off. Slider poles are bent. The case is cracked. It looks like someone
attached it with a rope to the back of a car and dragged it along at 60 mph
(that's 133,400 kph to you Europeans) for awhile. But I'm so excited I
think I'm going to just sit in middle of the room and chuckle to myself. :)

No I've got to take a look at the guy's Odyssey, which he'd like me to fix
if possible. It looks like it was tied to the SH-1 on the car trip, as
slider poles are actually broken off. Say, if that doesn't work either,
think of all the components...... :)

.       .       .       .       .       .       .       .       .

Matt Haines  haines at

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