ELECTRONOTES .... lost in space?????

Erik The ViKing E.G.P.Schuijers at stud.tue.nl
Sat Mar 23 16:01:36 CET 1996

Can anyone please send me a copy that's readable as I don't think I will be
receiving them........ THANKS!!!!

Analogue: I was watching some music on TV and suddenly it struck me.....
those A-HA dudes used a Prophet T-8 in their oldy 'Take on me'!!!! Who would
have thought of that????

Would it be a good idea to give these Roland guys a call; I've ordered some
schematics mid-december and I've still haven't heard a thing!!!!!
(Who tops my three months????)

Erik The ViKing
ViKingdom Comes

Freelance Mathemagician..... Hell!!! I must be going crazy!!!!

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