Envelope trigger circuit for guitar

Mark Smart smart at nn.com
Thu Mar 21 17:02:09 CET 1996

>      Here it is: make a metal guitar pick, solder a long flexible wire to 
>      it, make sure your strings are grounded to the guitar cord shield, and 
>      build a trigger-when-grounded detector. Hit the strings (or bridge) 
>      with the pick whenever you want a trigger. The material used to 
>      fabricate the pick itself should be chosen by the user for the 
>      appropriate flexibility, depending on your preference as a player. 
>      Since I'm not a guitar player I can't be of much help here. I don't 
>      even know if this will damage the strings....anyway there's my silly 
>      idea.
>      - Gene
There are commercially available guitar picks made of copper. I have a
couple of these. I don't remember the manufacturer's name, but you can
probably fing them at a reasonably large music store.

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