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<Before I attempted all this, I went down to Radio Shack and bought a) a
tantalum cap rated at 2.2MF, and an electrolytic rated at 4.7MF. I've 
got a 10MF sitting around. The one I'm replacing is a tantalum 4.7MF. So
which is the better one to use, the 'lytic with the right capacitance, 
the tant with a different value? Or should I hold out and get the right
one? Or am I not giving enough info? Basically, can you substitute 
and tantalums or is there a difference?>

There's a good article about cap and resistor substitution in the April
issue of Recording Magazine. Really quite informative. According to the
author, tantalums are about the worst thing you can do to an audio
signal. Aluminum electrolytics are not that great either, but some
newer types are higher quality. He gives part sources and costs for
many types of component upgrades.

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