Turning an old PC into a MIDI-CV converter

Dan Higdon hdan at charybdis.com
Mon Mar 25 22:51:37 CET 1996

You're beautiful, man.  I mean that.  I wept. :-)  I could have the world's
heaviest MIDI-CV converter.  At last, the trusty 286-8 rises again!
You MUST post some sort of schematic (for us DSP impaired types).
Software's the easy part, IMO (since that's what I get paid to do).

> From: gstopp at fibermux.com[SMTP:gstopp at fibermux.com]
> Hi list, here's another DIY project from hell...
> A while back I posted the idea of building my own MIDI-to-CV converter 
> based on my long-dormant PC-XT and an Analog Devices D/A chip. Well I 

Dan Higdon (hdan at charybdis.com)

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