Turning an old PC into a MIDI-CV converter

R.G. Keen keen at austin.ibm.com
Mon Mar 25 22:09:21 CET 1996

>     Hi list, here's another DIY project from hell...
>     A while back I posted the idea of building my own MIDI-to-CV converter 
>     based on my long-dormant PC-XT and an Analog Devices D/A chip. Well I 
>     got the heart of it running and so I thought I'd post the details. Be 
>     aware that I haven't yet made any music with it, but it looks like it's 
>     gonna work pretty good and I figgered I'd let others in on it so they 
>     could start on their own if they wanted to (or suggest better features 
>     before I finish it).
I -*think*- that you could do the same thing with a BASIC Stamp - 
single chip BASIC interpreter chip from MicroChips, $39 each.


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