DIY kit companies

Scott Gravenhorst, Synthaholic chordman at
Wed Mar 20 20:47:49 CET 1996

Someone on the list asked about companies other than PAiA that 
manufacture kits for music equipment projects.

I just ran across a small ad in EM entitled "MIDI KITS".  I have 
absolutely no stake in this and the *only* reason I am posting this 
here because I read a request from a list member.  I cannot vouch for 
this company at all.

With the disclaimer fully in place, here is the poop:

Call for catalog at 800-546-5461 (doesn't say free anywhere)

10 S. Front
Phil., PA 19106

The ad also includes an email address: miditools at

Use this information at your own risk.

-- Scott G., Synthaholic

There is no 12 step program for synthaholics.  Thank your Superior Being.

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