Audio Data Compression algorithms

Clive Jones CJones at
Wed Mar 20 04:32:00 CET 1996

Hi Chaps

Here's the story. I'm working on an 8 bit uP based audio system (well   
primarily audio anyway) - max memory without paging is about 50k bytes   
after all the hardware and code mapping has been done.

The problem lies with the fact that I need to use samples and 50k is only   
gonna give me 2.27 seconds at a 22k sampling rate - about as much use as   
an ashtray on a motorbike.

Therefore I need a data compression algorithm to get more mileage for my   
memory - does anyone know where I get this info as it's a new field for   

Is there a simple 8 bit DSP chip available to handle predefined   
algorithms (part of the spec sheet?).

Btw, I've just scanned some of the AH archives as I've been unsubbed for   
some weeks and I must say that I'm most dissapointed that very few jokes   
have been aired, if fact I'm EXTREMELY ANGRY and your all very lucky   
there's a little stretch of water between the UK and the US as under   
normal circumstances I would have swam the Atlantic and given you all a   
good spanking (I understand it's not illegal in the US - you get put away   
for that sort of thing here).

Instead I'll just get my mum to phone you all up and shout abuse down the   
phone.  Nice try at the DC-9 joke Kevin. Not even a statement about our   
Frank Bruno - the professional boxing ring rope tester! I also saw that   
someone used the word BLOODY in there subject heading and my lawyers are   
currently filing a copyright lawsuit.

Tut. tut - you really oughta' try better chaps

Please reply in private mail I'm still not subbed - flames more than   
welcome as long as they don't singe my eyebrows.

Analogue content - Errrr.....


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