More Chromology

Don Tillman don at
Tue Mar 19 18:42:05 CET 1996

Since I'm on a roll here...

Another cool Chroma hack of mine is a pedalboard.  The Chroma comes
with a cumbersome dual footpedal unit for sustain and sustenuto, a
patch-switching stomp switch, a controller pedal (typically for
modulation control), and optionally a second controller pedal
(typically for volume).  The problem is that these pedals get tangled
and wander all over the place in the heat of playing and you can never
find them when you need them.  Also the leaf switches in the dual
footpedal seem to have a limited life expectancy.

What I've done is to build a 12 x 16 inch, 1/4-inch thick plexiglass
sheet on which is mounted, left to right, the original controller
pedal, the original patch-switching stomp switch, and two Korg DS-1
sustain pedals.  All this stuff can mount securely with screws coming
up from underneath the plexiglass, and little rubber feet are added to
hold the thing securely in place and keep the screws from scratching
the floor.

The plexiglass is clear, so the setup looks pretty cool.

The Korg DS-1 (Korg, always eager to use gratuitously incompatible
terminology, calls it a "Damper Pedal") seems to be the sustain pedal
with the best feel, noticibly better than the original Chroma pedal.

And one more:  The best stand I've found for the Chroma is the
Quicklock WS-550.  Solid, robust, folds down compact and quick.

  -- Don

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