Capacitor reset with FET/analogue switch

Niklas Lindberg niklasl at
Mon Mar 18 09:39:24 CET 1996

I actually used a 4066 in my little sync circuit for my mini...
Must admit I didn't bother to think if it would withstand the
current spikes. Anyway it seems to work fine...
Maybe the 4066 will die in some time ?

If you check out the schematics of a minimoog (with the new
oscillator boards), you can see an example of a FET (think it's a E112)
used to reset the cap.

But then, I don't know the audio range of the mini:s oscillators.
As Don pointed out, this will probably not work if you want
full audio range.

PS. Yes I know I should have delivered the schematics a long time ago.
    I'm still having trouble getting the schem out in a reasonable
    format. I'll try using another CAD-system. Also I've come to think
    the circuit could be improved alot, it's far from perfect. But I
    haven't got the time to try my new ideas yet...              D.S

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