5K Reverse Log Pots

Christopher List Christopher_List at sonymusic.com
Thu Mar 14 10:39:06 CET 1996

> Well, to my knowledge there are no such components as reverse log pots...

Actually, there are. Log pots come in clockwise-log (normal) and 
counter-clockwise-log (reverse) designs. When you see a "log pot" in a catalog, 
it's cw, but you **can** get ccw log pots. If you need really bizarre pot 
configurations, the only source I know of is manufacturer direct which usually 
involves set-up costs and a 50 piece minimum. 

State Electronics in northern New Jersey (address and phone number unknown - 
try (201) 555-1212 to get the number) will make one-off, custom "modular" pots 
cw log, ccw log, multi-pots (multi-ganged - is that the word?), different shaft 
diameters / lengths - what ever you want but they are EXPENSIVE - like $20 each 
(ouch) too rich for my blood. These "modular" pots are made from parts 
manufactured by Clarostat and look like they're just held together by four 
pins. I wonder if you could get the parts and make 'em yourself - but it's 
probably not worth it. Remember, log pots (normal or reverse) are a convenience 
and not a necessity.

- CL

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